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“The materials were interesting. Competency-based interviews will help me in my interviews in the future.”

Tan Hui Li (Far East Management Pte Ltd)


“Very resourceful and well versed trainer…I learnt a lot, not just content knowledge, but how to manage the project.”

Oh Jia Ying (National Library Board)


"l would like to thank Raju for the support and training of our employees. His multilingual talent makes the training very comprehensive. Kudos to CBLD and thank you all. We look forward to working hand in hand again."

General Manager (Singo Services Pte Ltd)


“We would like to express heartfelt appreciation for arranging our staff to join the public run level 1 classes in time for Clean Mark Silver Award…the trainees did enjoyed.

Tan Pho Seng (Top Zone)


“We had good time with Jamali, he was friendly, made the 3 days programme so easy that we all participated in different activities and share our experience from different industry. It was wonderful experience I had.”

Venkatesh Naganathan


“We would like to thank your Program team’s help in arranging classes at last minute request for some changes. With your help, we submitted our application for Clean Mark Silver smoothly.”

Douglas Koh (CBM)

The role play was very interesting and engaging.

Woo Yew Fai - ACTA (CU6)

It will be useful for my current assignment at work as well as for the future.

Ashley Yap - ACTA (CU4)

Excellent trainer. Classmates great. Overall ambience fantastic.

Raymond Loh - ACTA (CU4A)