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The Center for Competency-Based Learning and Development (CBLD Center) is a one-stop resource center to provide access to agencies, organizations and individuals, the different types of services relating to competency-based learning and development and human capital management.

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To be the leader in competency-based learning and development


  • Partnering agencies, organizations and individuals in building workplace capabilities
  • Creating opportunities for continuous learning in the areas of competency-based training and assessment
  • Promoting competency-based training and assessment


  • Commitment – championing the use of competency-based training in the field of learning and development
  • Respect – respecting and valuing the people we encounter in the course of our work
  • Integrity – maintaining integrity in all our dealings
  • Sincerity – helping individuals, organizations and industries build capabilities through learning and development
  • Passion – adding value to our clients through constant upgrading of our technical competence and capabilities