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Environmental Services Skills Framework Qualifications

The Center for Environmental Services by Center for Competency-Based Learning and Development (CBLD) offers Skills Framework training programs for cleaning professionals in the environmental services industry since 2010. CBLD is an Approved Training Organization by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and is your holistic training partner for all your environmental services training needs  to provide the relevant skills and competencies recognized by the cleaning industry. With aims to professionalize the industry and boost performance and productivity, we have expertise to provide advise on application of renewal of the cleaning business license from National Environmental Agency (NEA) with programs ranging from operations to supervisory levels. All programs are SSG approved and SFC eligible.

Notice: We have migrated from existing WSQ programs to Skills Framework programs, effectively from 2 Jan 2019. Training duration, fees and funding structure remain intact as of current status. Click here for more information.

National and Professional Recognition

The Environmental Services training programs focus on the skills development for the Environmental Services Industry at the national level, and include skills standards, assessment strategies, and training curricula. Its objectives include:

  • Providing the relevant skills and competencies that are recognized by the cleaning industry and employers;
  • Charting the training and progression pathways for the cleaning workforce by mapping the competencies against occupational groups at various levels;

  • Professionalizing the cleaning industry and boosting performance and productivity of the cleaning workforce, thereby increasing opportunities for better pay and mobility

On successful completion of each Skills Framework module, the worker will receive a modular Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SkillsFuture Singapore.


What’s in for me to take up these programs?

For Organizations

• Provides a systematic way to benchmark employees

• Enables employees to meet the required standards to perform effectively

• Increases the productivity of the organization

• Develops clear job descriptions

• Helps in recruitment of personnel

• Helps to align staff behaviour with organizational strategies and values

• Supports the performance management system

• Helps organizations adapt to changes

• Enjoys support for implementation of the framework

• Supports an application for the Cleaning Business License from National Environment Agency (NEA)

For Individuals

• Assess career interests

• Discover employment opportunities

• Understand career pathways

• Recognize personal attributes required

• Prepare for desired jobs

• Understand skills and competencies required

• Find avenues to close skills gaps

• Identify relevant training programs to be equipped with the required skills and competencies

• Participate in on-the-job training opportunities provided by companies

• Renew, upgrade and deepen skills

• Plan for career development/ transition

• Recognize skills and competencies required for the intended job role

• Identify training programs to upgrade and deepen skills

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