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Testimonials from Environmental Services Courses

"The Supervise Service Operation (SSO) class is made very interactive and lively. The trainer, Ashari made it is to understand too."
Tameyandi D/O Doraisamy Visvanathan

"The trainer for the Supervise Service Operation (SSO) class explains everything very clearly and ensures the class is not boring."  
Lavanya D/O Murugan

"I would like to thank Vincent and Raju who let me know the importance of cleaning course and how it benefits my workers. Vincent is not just a sales person but a great consultant. Raju is a great trainer where my workers have pick up new skills from the course and they are now using what they have learn in my company."
Dave Ang, Siong Ho Frozen Food

"Thank you Vincent for your great assistance on ensuring we get a guaranteed renewal of our cleaning license from NEA. We are happy that our application is approved! Great service."
Best-Wah General Contractor

"l would like to thank our trainer, Raju for the support and training of our employees. His multilingual talent makes the training very comprehensive. Kudos to CBLD and thank you all. We look forward to working hand in hand again."
Singo Services Pte Ltd

“We would like to express heartfelt appreciation for arranging our staff to join the public run level 1 class in time for Clean Mark Silver Award…the trainees did enjoy.
Tan Pho Seng, Top Zone

“We would like to thank your Program team’s help in arranging classes at last minute request for some changes. With your help, we submitted our application for Clean Mark Silver smoothly.”
Douglas Koh, CBM Pte Ltd

"The trainer, Ashari, for the Supervise Service Operation (SSO) class is very motivational and inspiring. He makes us want to learn more!"  
Calvin Lau

"I give the Supervise Service Operation (SSO) class conducted by Ashari --> 5 STARS!"
Asmad bin Mat Pagi

"The trainer for the Supervise Service Operation (SSO) class, Ashari gives very good information and makes the class interesting."
Junaidah bte Abu Bakar

“We found the Environmental Cleaning course to be very enriching, easy to understand and provides us with knowledge according to national standards in terms of cleanliness and service. The course was definitely useful and relevant to our daily work as we learn the right equipment and techniques to maintain happy toilets. And with additional information on how to maintain safety while doing our work is also another one good thing about the course. I will definitely recommend this course to our other friends or families in the cleaning industry.”
Sauro Cresel Devara, Saraspathu Balakisna, Yu Lee Wah & Tran Siew Hong Springmount Services Pte Ltd

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