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Develop and Implement In-House Competency and Career Pathing Framework (DICCF)


This course has been accredited by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP).
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Target Audience: HR Consultants, HR Business Partners, HR Directors, HR Managers, Mid-level HR Professionals

Duration: 28 hours = 4 days program (9:00am to 5:00pm)

Fees: $1600* (excluding GST)
*SkillsFuture Credits claimable and available for relevant subsidy/funding

In every organization, human capital is one of the most important resources. Managing, nurturing and developing it is a fundamental tenet of management. As basic as it sounds, this aspect of management can be complex.

Many organizations have HR systems, which are standalone and not integrated.  This causes managers to lose focus, which results in them not knowing exactly what are needed by the organization and the outcome to be achieved.

To overcome the above challenges, it is important to link all the HR systems through a good HR framework. Defining competencies for every job and consolidating all competencies into a competency framework, incorporating career paths is the first step.  This is necessary as the framework can be used to develop a competency-based HR processes such as:

Manpower planning: provides a snapshot of the positions and the competencies needed to ensure organization's success
Recruitment and Selection: ensure the right candidate with the competencies required is hired for the job
Performance Management: ensures performance appraisals are outcome-based, measurable, observable and objective. It also ensures the continuous basis of gathering evidence
Training Needs Analysis: reveals the knowledge of gaps between actual and current & future job competencies and conduct a more effective interventions
Learning & Development: employers can leverage by using learning and developmental interventions that will have a positive effect on career progression and productivity
Talent Management: establish processes to measure competence, identify & determine the required & available competence and obtain & retain those necessary for success
Succession Planning: provides clear and objective path & inventory of job roles & competencies to attract, develop and retain talents


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HR Skills Framework Program: DICCF 
Skills Framework - Technical Skills & Competencies (TSC) Details

TSC code: HRS-PDV-4025-1.1 
TSC Category: Workforce Development (Competency Framework Development) 
TSC Description: Design and develop competency frameworks within organisation, ensuring that human resource (HR) programmes are aligned to support their application across organisation levels and functions

TSC code: HRS-PDV-4024-1.1
TSC Category: Workforce Development (Career Framework Design)
TSC Description: Establish career frameworks to provide pathways to facilitate employees’ career development and progression within the organisation


At the end of the training program, learners will be able to:

  • Define competencies, competency framework and career pathing framework
  • Identify the components, theories and principles in competency and career pathing frameworks
  • Explain the applications and benefits of competency and career pathing framework
  • Discuss the competency modeling approaches
  • Consult management to identify the objectives and scope of competency and career pathing framework, job families, levels and target audience
  • Identify critical success factors needed for competency and career pathing framework
  • Conduct job and task analysis to capture a wide range of competencies for different job roles
  • Leverage on the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Frameworks and other international frameworks in defining job competencies
  • Facilitate and validate competency and career pathing framework
  • Monitor, evaluate and refine the competency and career pathing framework


“Develop and Implement an In-house Competency and Career

Pathing Framework"