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Develop and implement strategies for competency-based Talent Management

Target Audience:HR Consultants, HR Business Partners, HR Directors, HR Managers, Mid-level HR Professionals

Duration:2 Days (16 hours)

Fees: $1200 (excluding GST)



You have hired the best in the industry but are you able to retain them? Are you bringing out the best in them? Successful organizations do not stop at talent acquisition. They continue to develop and nurture their talents to maximize their potential in meeting business goals. In return for the time and effort in developing them, the talents are motivated to stay and contribute, thus, creating a win-win situation for both the organization and the talent.

There is a demonstrated relationship between better talent and better business performance. Increasingly, organizations seek to quantify the return on their investment in talent.  HR needs to own and put in place professional talent management processes. And they need to get closer to the business. One way to do this: Work with line managers to develop business plans that integrate talent plans, including advice on the ability to meet the business goal with the talent on board. When gaps exist, talent management professionals need to offer solutions to close them. In short, talent management professionals have to be trusted business advisors that execute the organization’s talent management process.

This course therefore focuses on the development and implementation of talent management in the organization by adopting a Competency- based approach.  Linking employee development to competency-based performance management ensures knowledge transfer; succession planning and employee learning needs are met as part of the daily operations - paving the way to building a healthier, more productive workforce which attracts and retains qualified talents.

Learners will be equipped with practical skills, knowledge and attitudes to develop talent management strategies and implement talent management programs that are integrated with other human resource and business functions which are required for talent recognition, management, retention and development; a proven way to ensure continuity and success in an organization.


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Develop a talent management strategy
  • Determine organizational talent capability and succession planning
  • Integrate talent management programs with human resource and business functions
  • Identify talent gaps within the organization
  • Facilitate the use of talent management tools and processes
  • Monitor and review talent management processes

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from CBLD upon completion of the training program.

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