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Working With English

This course is designed for foreign and local workers who want to develop their conversational English skills at the workplace. The 30-hour English conversational program is designed to prepare participants into the world of working basic and simple vocabulary words, phrases and jargon in a working environment.


  • Packed with interactive games and drills using Smart Board
  • Training to be conducted by WPLN Certified Trainers
  • 30-hour comprehensive training programme for conversational English
  • Contextualized for different industries

Intensive dialogue drills and role-plays to reinforce previously learnt words, phrases and language while learning basic life skills are intertwined with interactive drills and games.

Job-related topics such as job interview, filling up simple forms, telephone manners, reading workplace signage and announcement and clarifying instructions as well as interpreting and following health and safety measures are also part of the program.

Static worksheets are converted into SmartBoard interactive games and drills in each lesson keeping the participants and drills in each lesson keeping the participants engaged while learning the rudiments of basic social and workplace conversations in English.

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*Note: Request for weekend classes can be considered as well. Do contact us for more information.

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