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Course:Design and Facilitate a Competency-based learning program in the 21st Century (non-WSQ)

Target Audience:Current and new trainers working within the WSQ framework, People who are moving into the Training & development area with little or no knowledge in training field, Full or part-time in-house trainers/ Freelance trainers, Line Leaders / Line Trainers, Training Consultants, Training Managers, Training Administrators, Course / Training Program / Curriculum Developers, Assessment Developers, Assessors, Management Representatives

Duration:4 Days (29 hours)



The evolved 21st century training session is a productive environment in which trainees can develop the skills they will require in the workplace and trainers are facilitators of this learning process. It is the key focus of a 21st century training session to create a conducive environment for trainees to enhance their higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills, collaboration skills, and any other skill set that they will need in the 21st century workplace.

As such, our program is focused on equipping individuals with the competencies to design and facilitate training sessions to take on the role of a 21st century curriculum developer, assessment developer, classroom trainer and/or assessor. This program will also enhance the skill set of in-house training staff to develop and deliver on-the-job training programs and conduct assessments for the organization. In addition to that, design and facilitate a competency-based learning program in the 21st century is designed in accordance to recognized industrial performance standards and will be very useful in helping organizations/individual trainers to assure quality in the training and assessment procedures.


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:


  • Acquire information on learner’s profile in preparation for training delivery to help learners achieve learning outcomes.
  • Identify and apply adult learning principles/theories to help learners achieve learning outcomes in training delivery.
  • Address different learning styles of adult learners to prepare for training delivery.
  • Develop strategies to promote retention of learning
  • Apply code of ethics of Continuing Education & Training (CET) Professionals in adult education
  • Identify training needs of target organization/industry/learners to support design of learning experience.
  • Define specific and measurable learning outcomes to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of learners.
  • Apply adult learning principles in the design of lesson plan.
  • Design lesson plan incorporating qualities of an active learning environment.
  • Identify instructional methods in lesson plan to help learners achieve learning outcomes.
  • Develop strategies in lesson plan to help learners review and retain learning.
  • Develop resources for learning activities in accordance with the lesson plan.
  • Review lesson plan based on feedback from relevant stakeholders.
  • Prepare training venue for active learning in accordance with relevant safety and health requirements.
  • Create conducive learning environment to promote active learning.
  • Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication skills to engage learners.
  • Conduct leaning activities to help learners achieve learning outcomes.
  • Manage group dynamics to help learners achieve learning outcomes.
  • Use media to help learners achieve learning outcomes
  • Adjust lesson plan in response to learners’ progress to help learners achieve learning outcomes
  • Facilitate learner’s identification of opportunities for transfer of learning to workplace.
  • Apply strategies to help learners review and retain learning


Participants will receive a certificate of completion from CBLD upon successful completion of the training program:

  • Design and Facilitate a Competency-based learning program in the 21st Century ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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