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Embrace Change - CBCM

HR Course: Develop and Implement Strategies for Change Management

Target Audience:Directors, Line Managers and Human Resource Managers

Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

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Changes are occurring in every organization – strategic changes, tactical changes, leadership changes, technology changes – these changes are going to have impacts and effects on people, processes and performance. To help minimize those impacts and effects, from having negative outcomes, it is necessary to have “change management” strategies and methodologies in place with skilled resources delivering and executing on those methodologies, principles and processes.

Today, market transparency, labor mobility, global capital flows, and instantaneous communications have blown that comfortable scenario to bits and pieces. In most industries, all companies ranging from MNCs to SMEs, are faced with heightened global competition. This has forced the management’s focus to be on something that was happily avoided in the past: CHANGE.

With effective Change Management strategies, organizations can minimize resistance, increase engagement, improve performance, reduce costs and enhance innovation. As shared by Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter from Harvard Business School, “Successful companies develop a culture that just keeps moving all the time”.


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Develop a change management program
  • Facilitate the implementation of change management program
  • Evaluate effectiveness of change management program
  • Promote understanding and awareness of change management Program
  • Provide support to conduct change management reviews
  • Monitor and review change management program and activities


Participants will receive a certificate of completion from CBLD upon completion of the training program