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WSQ: Conduct Competency-Based Interview and Make Hiring Decisions

This course has been accredited by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP).
For more information on IHRP and IHRP Certification, visit www.ihrp.sg

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Recruitment & Selection is one of the most important processes in the Human Resource Management System. The cost of hiring, orienting and training a new employee far exceeds that of retaining a competent employee.

CBLD brings to you revolutionary Competency-Based interviewing techniques to help you identify, match the right candidate to the right job, and make well-informed hiring decisions.

Our new program “Conduct Competency-Based Interview and Make Hiring Decisions” adopts an experiential learning approach in which you have hands-on practice in identifying job competencies and generating competency-based and probing questions to be used during interviews (the “STAR” Approach). You will have opportunities to role play simulated interviews and evaluate the suitability of candidates.

The skills and knowledge you will gain from this program can be transferred immediately to your organization - improved interviewing skills leading to hiring the right candidates for your organization!

The learning topics would include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding the differences between conventional and competency-based interview techniques?
  • What are the aims of a Competency-Based Interview?
  • How to identify competencies needed for a job?
  • How to identify types and forms of evidence to be gathered?
  • How to prepare competency questions using the STAR approach
  • What are other logistics required for conducting a competency-based interview?
  • Conducting a Competency-Based interview
  • Documenting, consolidating and evaluating evidence to make a hiring decision

Individuals who have completed the above-mentioned program and assessment successfully will receive:
A Statement of Attainment from the SkillsFuture Singapore on “Conduct Competency-Based Interview and Make Hiring Decisions”