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Broadband Education Partnership

CBLD formed a partnership with Broadband Education (3view Group) a content/multimedia solution provider that offers both technology and content optimization and analytics. ​ The partnership was formed with the aim of providing e-learning conversion and technology platform to organizations who are embarking on blending learning and full e-learning programs. ​ Broadband Education is an international firm that supports multinational organizations on a global level. CBLD and Broadband Education are spending time at clients' site when the project requires.


We provide off-the-shell mobile learning and marketing products, which give us the edge in thoroughly understanding the market and bringing commercial experience to the table.

We provide complete solutions, delivering both technology and international content. We want our work (and your) to not only work efficiently but also look amazing. Our applications are designed with high flexibility. While we develop the relevant applications, we also specialize in creating relevant contents that further enhance the application. Our talented production team (content/multimedia development and software development) will find the methodology and approach that delivers the product in the most engaging fashion.

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