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CBLD embarked on a bold move in 2010 to revolutionize its organization’s classroom-based programs by redesigning existing curriculum that integrate multimedia interactive learning pedagogies and methodologies to enhance interaction, engagement and collaboration, and hence the overall learning experience for its learners. CBLD Learning Technologies’ aims to be a one-stop resource center in offering holistic pedagogical-learning solutions through software and hardware technologies, and through the design and set up of enriching learning habitats..

SMART Board®

Interactive Displays

The ideal tool of today's classroom now comes in several different models. Choose from a range of unmatched interactive displays that bring devices, education software and lesson content together, or a display that simply lets you share your screen.



SMART Board® 
MX series

SMART Board®
6000 series
SMART Board® 
7000 series

The newest SMART Board, with all the essentials trainers need – for less than you think.

Elevate outcomes by connecting learners, lesson content and devices into one exciting learning environment. The MX series has more interactive learning essentials – for less than you think. MX series is an affordable alternative to classroom projectors.

The most popular SMART Board with innovative features that millions of educators love.

Learners achieve more when they’re allowed to express themselves and explore their interests. The 6000 series gets everyone in your classrooms out of their seats and eager to learn, using different devices. The 6000 series helps you create learning experiences without cables or limits.

The most advanced SMART Board with supreme collaborative features designed for any teaching or learning style.

The 7000 series is the digital hub of your interactive classroom experience, connecting devices and vibrant imaginations. It helps learners to discover talents and passions, and promotes achievement in exciting ways.

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The most advanced SMART Board with exclusive iQ technology and unrivalled collaborative features designed for any teaching or learning style.