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Tan Thiam Chye Trainer Profile

Tan Thiam ChyeAs former employee of Ender Cleaning Services, Exclusive  Envrionmental Services, Initial Services, Reliance Environmental Services, Anatec Management, and WSID Pte. Ltd, Thiam Chye has accumulated more than thirty years of experience managing and supervising cleaning operations in diverse settings.

Among others, his contacts have included shopping centers, hospitals as well as other private, public and government instituitions e.g. Plaza Singapura, Mandarin Hotel, Singapore General Hospital, Standard Chartered Bank branches, Baxter Healthcare, Black & Decker, Singapore Changi Airport, SIA Hangar, SIA Computer Centre, SATS Airfreight Centre and MAS.  During his tenure with these companies, he has attended further skills training.

In October 1988, Tiam Chye completed the BICS COPC training stages 1 to 3, as both Assessor and Moderator.  This was followed by BICS KCOPOC certificates for stages 1 to 3 in May 1994, and a City Guilds Certificate in Cleaning Science 764-1 in July 1998.

Beginning  in July 2000, Tiam Chye has freelanced as a BICS assessor and trainer.  Between December 2000 to July 2010, he concurrently freelanced as a NSRS Assessor and Supervising Assessor at various training centers including Training Masters, Centre for Cleaning Technology, Otares Pte Ltd, U-Training, Sembenviro Training Portal, ISS Facility Serices, Integrated Training Consultants and Focus Training.  Meanwhile, Tiam Chye attended NSRS cleaning courses and EC Stone Care Workshop in additional to courses in Management of Waste Collection and Disposal Management, Stone refurnishing and maintenance and Mangement of public cleaning.

Tiam Chye is an associate trainer and assessor for WSQ training and assessment programs with CBLD since November 2010.